The Autumn Band 2009

The Music of Autumn Breeze

The Autumn Band

Autumn Breeze has joined together and is releasing a new album as CD and Download of newly recorded songs. The album was recorded during spring and summer 2009 in Yellow Snow Studio in Stockholm.

The album contains 11 tracks and is an accolade to the founders of Autumn Breeze who sadly passed away.The songs are all written by the Autumn Breeze original song writers; Kenneth Halvarsson, Gert Magnusson, and Jan Warnqvist. Some of the songs were written in connection to the album "Höstbris" , others are new compositions, but none of the songs are previously recorded.

Autumn Breeze has tried to administrate the band´s legacy of "symphonic rock music" and "progressive rock music" in the best possible way, but has also introduced the element of renewal into their music, joining tradition and novelty.

The first album "Höstbris" has over the past years since the issue, been spread over the world and a global audience has formed. Most popular is Autumn Breeze´music in Europe with countries like Denmark, Russia, the Netherlands and Spain in top. In North America is the US in top, of course. Autumn Breeze´music has also found popularity in Asia; Japan, China, etc, and in South America; Brazil and Argentina. The popularity in Sweden corresponds to only 15% of the global.


1. Life is just another day (5:42)


3. Love my baby (3;59)


4. Schon für Schasen (6:31)


5. Until finished (4:42)


6. Going down to Africa (4:23)


7. Rockn´roll madness (5.27)


8. Fried eggs (3:56)


9. Mombasa (4:29)


10. Gruba (4:29)


11. Massösen (5:42)1


12. PleaseGetOnTheBus (0:49)


The Autumn Band

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